A visit to the JaxHax open house

If you live in Jax and like tech you should visit JaxHax. I went to their open house last night and the knowledge, tools, and environment collected at the facility is absolutely fantastic. Check out their mission statement:

Our members create. We build unique devices to interact with our environment. We write code to do new and interesting things. We learn about systems, and we help make them better. We educate those willing to learn. We view the human pursuit of knowledge as inherently good.

The folks I met at JaxHax last night are people that I have much in common with: a passion for technology, a thirst for knowledge, a drive to create and be a part of a community that encourages those pursuits. It did not take me more than an hour to conclude that I wanted to be a larger part of the organization.

While I was there I met makers that:

  • are successfully self employed as software developers
  • have built foundries and forges
  • repair motorcycles inside the facility
  • create instructional videos on hardware disassembly and share them freely on youtube
  • are familiar with Creative Commons licensing and concepts
  • are using 3D printers to build components to build... more 3D printers
  • use the woodwork shop to prototype their projects
  • are active F/OSS software advocates and users
  • design and build circuits on PCB
  • play obscure German boardgames and tabletop RPG at the facility on friday nights

...and so much more!

Impressed, I walked out the door with a key, as an official new member.